Installing a New Certificate

When accessing the college's webmail facility or using active sync on a mobile device, in order to create a secure connection the college systems an electronic security certificate is needed.

Recently the college has renewed this certificate and as a result devices that still use the old certificate may no longer have access to webmail or active sync.

If you can no longer access webmail or use active sync, you will need to download and install the new college certificate to allow secure access to your inbox.

To install the certificate click here and when prompted by your device allow this certificate to be installed. If after installing you receive a confirmation box informing you that a new certificate has been installed then you will be able to access webmail and re-sync your device as before.

If you cannot install the certificate then you can either email IT support or phone us on 0161 785 4182 to arrange a time to drop off your device and we can install it for you.


If you have any other problems accessing the Gateway service please get in touch with the I.T. Support team, preferably by email. We can not provide telephone support for Gateway problems at present.

Please provide as much information as possible, including: which ISP you are using, which operating system, which version of Internet Explorer. Most importantly, please describe exactly what happens when you try to access the service: which links you clicked on, what kind of password prompt appeared and what you typed in each box. If you received an error message, please be sure to write it down in full. It would also be helpful to know the date and time of your attempts, so we can check the logs to see what was happening.

Note that we are only able to offer general advice to help you solve the problem; we are unable to offer hands-on technical support for non-College equipment.